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Caregivers Job Describtion

Caregivers job description has provide knowledge about their duties.
Many parents with their newborn baby feel anxious about coming home , especially when it’s their first! We offer a welcome home package which is the perfect gift for new parents and has proved very popular with grandparents.
Your maternity nurse will accompany you home from hospital and stay with you for three days, during this time she will teach you all about what happens next.
They can either accompany you or look after your children at your home. Whatever your requirements we have the perfect person to come and help so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

At NightNannyLondon we have a selection of Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies who are on hand even at short notice to take care of your children while you attend any special occasions or events.
Our night nannies can work from as little as one night to give you a break to 5 nights per week. They can provide overnight care, day services, 24 hour care and live in temporary care. It is advisable to book your night nanny in advance whilst you are pregnant.
Night Nannies
Your nanny will arrive in the evening (8pm/9pm) then remain awake and on duty until morning (7am/8am). Hours can be flexible if pre-arranged directly with the nanny. They will bath & settle your baby, feed and change nappies as required. Breast feeding mother can either express or nanny will bring baby to you. They are usually on duty for 8-10 hours.

Nannies are professional, in-home childcare providers. They can be employed by parents to provide customized and personalized childcare for their children in their home or summer home. Nannies can often be an affordable alternative to daycare/childcare facilities, depending on the salary range being offered and especially if there is more than one child to be cared for within a family. Additionally, having a nanny provide one-on-one care and meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children in the comfort and safety of their own home can offer many families a greater peace of mind.

Nanny Job Description – The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop. General responsibilities include undertaking most all tasks related to the children’s care. Each nanny position may have slightly different responsibilities, depending on the family requirements, the ages of the children and other factors, but typically nannies are responsible for keeping the children’s areas neat and tidy and doing the children’s laundry, in addition to providing attentive, high quality childcare. Nannies may transport children to and from activities, plan the children’s daily schedule. While some families may ask the nanny to take on additional household tasks.

Sitter Job Description – A sitter’s primary responsibility is to keep the children safe and cared for in their parent’s absence. This may include playing with the children, making sure the children are fed according to the parents’ instructions and providing for the well-being of the children while the parents are away. Unlike a nanny, a sitter isn’t typically involved in fostering the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the children in her care on a daily basis.

Caregiver Job Describtion

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